About Us

About Us

FLEXVEY is a professional manufacturer of Conveyor Systems for different types of industries. Our company located in Ahmedabad, Gujarat, India. Our production strictly complies with high quality standard, which can ensure good product quality. We believe the quality is the life of one company.

We have in-house mechanical engineering staff on design,manufacture,installation and debugging of all material handling system, we can provide the most needful and excellent products, we also can supply worldwide customer with a full line reliable products. Our products are widely used in such industries as Automotive,Bearing,Personal Care-FMCG, Food, Electronics, Pharma, Food, Beverage, Tobacco, Packaging, chemical, cosmetic.

FLEXVEY has perfect equipment and advanced technology to provide excellent service and high quality products at the best prices, our main products: Aluminium Conveyor ,Stainless Steel Conveyor, Modular Conveyor, Belt Conveyor, Inclined Conveyor, Balancing Solutions, Customize Automation Solutions aand all other components for Conveyors. We believe that satisfying the customer is basis of our sustainable development. We think the cooperation will be a win-win strategy for both parties.




To be a dynamic and admired group with global presence to achieve profitable growth through customer centric products and services and technological leadership


  • Always innovate for a better tomorrow.

core values

  • Mutual Respect and Trust
  • Integrity Focus

value drivers

  • Empowerment
  • Performance Oriented Culture
  • Customer Success
  • Technological Differentiation